Tech Dent Teeth Whitening Pen

  • Product Features

. Features 4.5ml with 60+ Applications
. Instant Whiter Results
. Easy to use, NO trays, strips, or rinsing
. No sensitivity
. Mint flavored for fresher breath
. Instantly dissolves the film after drinking red wine, coffee, etc
. For standalone whitening or post-whitening maintenance

Want whiter teeth? No need for dentist, Choose Tech Dent !

The Tech Dent teeth whitening pen offers professional teeth whitening results without the professional price tag. The classy aluminum casing houses our proprietary mint-flavored whitening gel that makes getting whiter teeth conveniently easy. It is a must-have for people who want to maintain a bright, shiny smile anytime, anywhere. There is no need to go to the dentists when you can get whiter teeth with simple-to-use, proven product.
With over 60 applications, the Tech Dent whitening pen lasts a long time and helps you to effortlessly preserve your bright smile. Tech Dent whitening pen is perfect for both men and women who are looking for teeth whitening options that are affordable , convenient, and effective .

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