Smile Brightening Pen 2-in-1

2 in 1


  • Product Features

Advanced Teeth Whitening Gel
. Features 4.0ml with 50+ Applications
. Instant Whiter Results
. Easy to use, NO trays, strips, or rinsing
. No sensitivity
. Mint flavored for fresher breath
. Instantly dissolves the film after drinking red wine, coffee, etc
. For standalone whitening or post-whitening maintenance

Proprietary Lip Gloss Plumper
. Enriched with a unique blend for age defying soft, round lips
. Gently plumps and maintains full lips with regular use
. Pure & Elegant Blue Base
. Silky smooth, NO stickiness

Smile with Spirit, Tech Dent!

Illuminating LED Lights and Mirrors for use Anytime, Anywhere! Smile Brightening Pen 2-in-1 gives you attractively-designed, ultra-sleek teeth whitening and lip gloss plumper in one. The teeth whitening pen features a convenient, easy to use brush that applies the maximum strength teeth whitening gel. The lip gloss plumper, on the other side, gently plumps and moisturizes your lips, provide you with extremely soft and sexy lips. Smile Brightening Pen 2-in-1 anytime, anywhere  provide you with the brightest smile.  Don’t forget to Smile with Spirit, Tech Dent!

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